What I Do // Services

A range of services to fit your business

I’ve detailed some of the services that I offer below, to give you an idea of the ways in which I can help.  The world of digital never stands still, it’s constantly evolving as new technologies, platforms and techniques are adopted – there is always something new to learn!

If you don’t know what your business needs but think it’s might be digital, please get in touch as I’m sure it’s something we could explore in an informal chat.

What does your digital marketing mix look like?

Off-page SEO - Content & PR
Facebook Advertising
On-page SEO - Technical
Email Marketing - MailChimp
Pay per Click Advertising - Google AdWords
Pay Per Click Advertising - Bing
Direct Traffic

Drive quality traffic to your website that converts

Search Engine Marketing, SEO, PPC & Online Advertising

Search Engine Marketing: Ensure your site is looking it’s best in search engines and can easily be found, whether locally, nationally, by brand, product, or location.

SEO: Find out your current search rankings, formulate a strategy and work to improve the keyword positions for those terms that are delivering you sales or enquiries.

PPC: Generate traffic by advertising directly in search, showing ads to those searching for your product or service. Targeted placements give you complete control of your advertising budget.

Advertising: Whether across social networks, business directories, loyalty programs or media sites, internet advertising allows you to reach new potential customers fast.

Understand your online performance, then optimise it

Measurement, Reporting & Results
  • Campaign & Website Analysis: Measure the performance of new content; a new checkout process, order form, or your latest special offer, through one off deep dive reports or regular reporting.
  • Web Analytics & Reporting Setup: Implement and audit systems such as Google Analytics to ensure you’re tagging visitors correctly. Setup regular, bespoke reports & establish targets for your business, to understand what digital is delivering, ensuring you make informed decisions for the future.
  • Regular Performance Reporting: Daily, weekly, or monthly reports tailored to you. Get the information that matters to your business directly to your inbox, so you can base your actions on real results, not estimates.

What does your visitor funnel look like? Can it be improved?

  • New Visitors
  • Repeat Visitors

Research, audit & analyse to formulate your digital strategy to success

Audits, Analysis, Research & Strategy
  • SEO Audits: On-site technical analysis to ensure your site is 100% Google friendly.
  • Website Analysis: How well is your website performing? Identify opportunities to get more value from your existing traffic and drive more sales from your website.
  • Competitor Research: See how you stack up online, identify cost effective opportunities in your marketplace to drive traffic & sales.
  • Content Strategy: Formulate content campaigns that attract readers and engage your customers.

Enhance your website to get more from existing traffic

Ecommerce, User Experience Design, WordPress Support
  • If you’re struggling to keep people on your website, make enquiries or complete sales, web analysis can usually unearth what the problem is and how it can be fixed.
  • A fresh new look, sharper website copy, stronger imagery or improved functionality might be just what your site needs to better engage your visitors.
  • Whether it’s your product details page, customer journey, or checkout process, site analysis can ensure you retain maximum traffic throughout, and can identify hot spots where you might be losing sales.